'The War of the Solstice' is provided as a free download for fans of the Midnight Trilogy, however does utilise a wide variety of paid professional game development assets.

If you enjoy this enhanced version of the game you may wish to show your appreciation by making a small contribution which will go towards supporting the asset costs of the next part of the Trilogy - The Icemark!

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July 16, 2024, 00:42:30 AM

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Here you can find my work on the remakes of Mike Singleton's 80's ZX Spectrum classics

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In the time since we released War of the Solstice a couple of years ago, development has been focussed on the next part in the Midnight Trilogy - The Icemark - which will be a faithful remake of the classic Doomdark's Revenge.

Progress has been a bit stop/start, but is currently picking up pace again. Here is a summary of where things are at:

Icemark terrain was formed and location types created (except pits which are still to do).

Colour profiling set up for the different times of day in The Icemark.