'The War of the Solstice' is provided as a free download for fans of the Midnight Trilogy, however does utilise a wide variety of paid professional game development assets.

If you enjoy this enhanced version of the game you may wish to show your appreciation by making a small contribution which will go towards supporting the asset costs of the next part of the Trilogy - The Icemark!

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Here you can find my work on the remakes of Mike Singleton's 80's ZX Spectrum classics

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Available Now !

'The War of the Solstice' is a 3D remake of 'The Lords of Midnight' by Mike Singleton.


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After 6 years in the making, the public release for the latest Unity version of the game will be coming in May 2021.

A new trailer has been created to get a taster for some of the new features which you can find here
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Hi! The Unity version of War of the Solstice will be moving next week into a period of final beta testing...

We'll be looking for a small group of beta testers... if you wish to get access to download the current Unity build for extended play and helping to iron out any remaining bugs, th...

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Pleased to say that my long awaited ZXSpectrum Next arrived in 1st class condition.

After updating the OS distribution to the latest, which included the Lords of Midnight for the Next, booted it up alongside the other generations of the game that I have to hand for a quick photo...

On the left: Original ZXSpectrum version running in Spectaculator
On the right: ZXSpectrum Next version by Matt Davies with completed overhauled graphics by Simon Butler
In the centre: The Unity remake version which I'm about to put into Beta testing phase

Amazing how the game is still going strong after 36 years :)

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The ZX Spectrum Next has finally begun shipping to the backers around the world, starting with the Base model, followed by the Plus model within the next week, and then the Accelerated model (which is the one I backed) hopefully shortly after that.

The software distribution contains an updated version of The Lords of Midnight by Matt Davies, with enhanced graphics from Simon Butler... check out the screenshots below to see how it has transformed the original game for the Next. Fantastic work all round!

Now what are the odds that this is the first game that gets booted up when it arrives ;)

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