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June 01, 2020, 17:39:04 PM

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Here you can find my work on the remakes of Mike Singleton's 80's ZX Spectrum classics

The Lords of Midnight
"The Lords of Midnight" is copyright of Mike Singleton and www.thelordsofmidnight.com
Doomdarks Revenge
"Doomdarks Revenge" is copyright of Mike Singleton and www.thelordsofmidnight.com
The War of the Solstice
Based on "The Lords of Midnight" by Mike Singleton
Mike had very kindly given his approval for this remake of the original to go ahead
Converted to Unity by Andrew Smart
"Unity" game engine by Unity Technologies
"FMod" sound system by Firelight Technologies
3d modelling, texture mapping and 2d graphics by Wayne Britcliffe
Additional graphics by Andrew Smart
Music composition and sound effects by Wayne Britcliffe
Data from "The Midnight Engine" by Chris Wild
Original development input from the "Midnight community"
Released under license from www.thelordsofmidnight.com