Detailed Revision History

25/06/16 – Patch Release

Bug Fixes
– Fixed some graphical glitches that were introduced in

15/06/16 – Patch Release

Bug Fixes
– Fixed some cursor handling issues that were causing rendering ‘stutter’
– Fixed some GUI rendering issues that created artefacts on some graphics cards
– Fixed some missing registry writes after changing window size via dragging borders
– Fixed some issues with displaying guidance over the map screen, items now remain on the map screen throughout
– Fixed some minor object highlighting issues on the map screen
– Fixed ‘Printscreen’ function

– The default window size has been reverted to 800 x 600 since the frame rate is somewhat dependent on the window size. I’ve increased the size of the fonts in the icon map to increase readability at this resolution, which was the previous reason for increasing the default window size.
– Increased some font sizes eg main menu, to increase readability at 800 x 600
– Updated compass texture map to 1024 x 1024 for better visual quality

30/04/16 – Patch Release

New Features
– Added scripted installer which requests install location, auto-creates start menu shortcuts and a desktop icon
– Added in game “guidance” feature which offers the player useful hints on the aims of the game and key gameplay features
– Added additional audio settings to control the volume of music and sound effects individually, or turn off completely
– Added new simpler renderer quality settings high / medium / low
– Added compass to main view for looking and moving without the keyboard
– Added ice fear strength colour coding when the icecrown or moonring is selected in the map view
– Added custom game cursors which can be replaced with player specific ones if desired; simply replace the files in the \common\renderer\cursors directory
– Added registry storage of common game options and also last campaign played

Modified Features
– Adjusted battles with Morkin; Morkin is now not affected by the Ice fear
– Adjusted Ice fear calculation; now based on Ice crown carriers position, not the Tower of Doom position
– Adjusted Ice fear calculation; now calculated based on Moon ring wearers position, not Luxor’s position
– Adjusted Ice fear calculation; doomdark’s confidence and the Ice fear are reduced when strongholds are taken by the Free
– Adjusted regiments who have orders to follow a character; when the character dies, they will now change orders to follow the Moonring wearer instead. If there is no Moonring wearer, then they will wander until someone puts it on
– Adjusted defeated strongholds logic; it now allows the first character in the location which is allowed an army, to occupy the keep with their race (instead of defaulting to Free)
– Adjusted settings GUI so that all settings are on a single GUI for simplicity
– Finalised ability to show and load existing campaigns from the main menu
– Removed load icon; access is now via the main menu
– Removed manual save game icon; the game is auto-saved after each night processing. You can therefore only reload back to the last dawn (but lose all the days moves as a consequence)
– Added auto-screenshot as part of save game process, which is displayed when selecting existing campaigns to load
– Added confirmation to exit game, which is now only accessible via the main menu
– Added button to show credits on the main menu
– Added icons for main menu, map, guidance, more iconsets (all core game actions are now available via the mouse)
– Added domain texts to map view
– Added location text and coordinates to map view
– Increased maximum zoom out scale on the map view
– Adjusted rendering of game map. Fixed colour scheme returned to blue & white (keeping orange for DDR!)
– Extended daylight an hour or two into the evening
– It is no longer possible to move backwards, only forwards

Bug Fixes
– Fixed initialisation of characters warrior & rider units energy – they all started utterly tired!
– Fixed victory conditions: Farflame/Lorgrim/Fawkrin destroys the Icecrown
– Fixed Luxor not dropping the moonring when killed in a minor skirmish
– Fixed bug in character shield cycling
– Fixed rendering of smoke on the map screen.
– Fixed rendering artefacts where the sun/moon were getting rendered in front of the terrain.
– Fixed some movement issues when running in Free Movement Mode.
– Fixed length of some path variables being too short, now consistent throughout

– Important: Save game files from previous versions are not compatible with this version or higher due to structure changes
– New wrapper functions PlayEvent and StopEvent introduced for playing all FMod events
– GUIs renamed to highlight RUN and DEV mode variants
– The default window size has been increased to 1280 x 1024 for improved icon clarity
– Updated game font to Libra throughout for consistency (main font, texture maps)
– Updated game font texture map to 2048 x 2048 for better HD visual quality
– Added more icon sizes/formats to the main executable file to hopefully satisfy all requirements!

 19/01/16 – Patch Release

Bug Fixes
– Fixed handling of battle entities with multiple units eg characters with both warrior and rider units. This was leading to strange increases in unit size following a nights battle.

17/01/16 – Patch Release

Modified Features
– Adjusted rendering of game map. It is now rendered in a fixed colour scheme so that it is visible independent of the hour of the day. Object halo size has also been standardised in the process.
– Adjusted camera movement which is now dampened and follows the terrain at different heights according to the location type (ie closer to the terrain in forests to have a view under the canopy)
– Updated texture maps for free and fey armies to 2048 x 2048 for better HD visual quality.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed characters dropping unique objects (eg moonring or icecrown). They now cannot drop them whilst alive; they auto-drop them into their location when they die
– Fixed dead characters dropping unique objects before night processing; they now drop them after the night processing during which they died.
– Fixed recruited characters not being seen in battles when no-one was wearing the moonring
– Fixed character selection list when no-one was wearing the moonring (now reduces to only those characters who could potentially wear the moonring if they could find it)
– Fixed incorrect music track name translation for “Swords of the Free”
– Fixed Skulkrin not being highlighted on the map screen
– Fixed overwriting of existing game database when continuing an existing campaign (was introduced in

04/01/16 – Patch Release

Modified Features
Start new campaign and Continue existing campaign main menu buttons are now automated depending on whether you have entered any campaign name, and whether data for the campaign is already existing. This will be enhanced further in due course…

Bug Fixes
– Fixed recruited characters time of day being set to the recruiting characters time of day remaining (was a scenario option which has been disabled)
– Fixed characters energy being double reduced during movements

– Added new common root folder eg for menu textures

31/12/15 – Major Release

New Features
– Added integration of FMod Studio Sound System library and new soundtrack containing music, incidental “stings”, sound effects and guidance voiceovers
– Added loading of assets in a separate thread to enable more effective startup sequence
– Added detection of duplicate campaign name selection to avoid overwriting existing campaign data
– Added new main menu screen with audio and fire effect, based on high level map view of midnight and some of the original box art
– Added new in-game fire object with procedural animation
– Added post processing effect: Light scattering or “God rays”
– Added post processing effect: Depth-of-field; distant objects get progressively out of focus
– Added volumetric mist algorithm ready for DDR support
– Added volumetric lighting to lighting algorithm
– Added per-pixel lighting to lighting algorithm
– Added grass effects in forests and on plains
– Added terrain to shadow map (but quite an expensive effect!)
– Added fade out of banners and flags beyond a fixed distance, they now fade to generic type banners
– Added new layouts ready for DDR support
– Added media playback module for DX9 builds – capable of playing .avi and .mp3 files amongst others
– Added debug overlays for ongoing development support

Modified Features
– Adjusted lighting of snowflakes – they now glimmer in the moonlight at night
– Adjusted transition from current scene colouring to fogged scene colouring in proximity to the tower of doom
– Adjusted terrain height map to give some more variation in certain places
– Adjusted the default draw distance down to 6 (same as the original) – the new shader techniques allow this to look acceptable now
– Adjusted main scene colours and font colours to be more in line with the original ZXSpectrum version
– Adjusted the resolution of some engine textures for better 1920 x 1080 HD quality
– Recoded all in game menus based on DXUT GUI format (no GDI menus required any more)
– Recoded map explorer screen, now using main rendering methods
– Recoded moon rendering, the part in shadow now fades into the background, as you see in reality
– Recoded star system handling and rendering efficiency
– Recoded snow handling and rendering efficiency
– Recoded water representation for lakes and seas
– Recoded terrain rendering to be more efficient (baked terrain transitions into pre-loaded texture map)
– Recoded lighting algorithms
– Replaced the main game font

Bug Fixes
– Fixed a couple of nasty bugs which were causing memory leaks (with help from WinDbg!)
– Fixed errors in dynamic vertex buffer locking which have been there from the early days
– Fixed bug causing “choppy” sound effects – DirectSound didn’t like the buffer volume/pan being adjusted every game scan

– Removal of TME library dependency (due to further development on the library being abandoned)
– Splitted out the Log Viewer into a separate app, which can be run alongside the game in windowed mode for battle statistics analysis (for future release)
– Recoded all fixed function pipeline rendering methods to use shaders requiring SM3.0 support
– Recoded all text handling to UNICODE format, to be compatible with the DXUT Extension libraries
– Simplified the calling structure to a lot of functions within the game engine
– Full screen support is now more solid and random crashes have stopped
– Underlying DirectX integration recoded based on latest SDK framework (has simplified the integration considerably)
– Upgraded engine to June 2010 version of the DirectX9 SDK