Downloads for Native Win32 Version

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Guide to Play 1.0 (.pdf)
Size: ~ 37Mb

Native Win32 Full Setup (.zip)
Size: ~ 250Mb
Note: Open the text file and then copy/paste the file link into your browser. The file is hosted external to this site due to it’s size.

Native Win32 Patch Setup (.zip)
Size: ~ 68Mb
Note: This above patch can only be applied to existing installations or above

Please read the detailed revision history for further information.

The guide to play contains the full prelude to the War of the Solstice and detailed instructions that are vital reading before starting your first campaign.
Maps of midnight are also available online, as well as in-game.

System Requirements

The War of the Solstice is only available on the Windows platform.
It has been developed and tested on Windows 7 and 10.

Since the 3d features place some demands on the graphical capabilities of your system, you can use the following guide to check whether your system meets the minimum requirements.

Download the GPU-Z utility and run it up, and check the highlighted fields as shown.

SystemSpecsGPU-ZYour system must show at least the following minimum GPU specifications:

DirectX Support >= 9.0 / SM 3.0
Memory Size >= 1024 Mb

The higher the Pixel Fillrate and Texture Fillrate, the more fluid the game will run at higher resolutions.

In addition the game needs around 1 Gb of free system memory, which most current systems should meet without problem.


Performance Hint


If your machine is challenged in the graphical horsepower department, then try running the game in the Semi-static rendering mode. This mode disables the continuous rendering of the screen and only performs a render when necessary ie upon user action. Whilst this does remove some of the nice finishing touches that the normal rendering mode contains, it should significantly improve the frame rate on less capable hardware.