The War of the Solstice


The War of the Solstice (WOTS) is a faithful remake of the original Lords of Midnight by Mike Singleton.

Whilst the core game mechanics remain the same as the original, the traditional landscaping graphics have been updated with 3D graphic techniques including variable climates and weather effects, to paint the land of midnight in a more colourful and absorbing way. There is also a soundtrack which contains many handcrafted tracks and audio effects which adds to the playing experience.

For those who want to play with a friend in a more head-to-head approach, I have also allowed the player to take control of Doomdark’s forces.

The production team

Andrew Smart
Project Co-ordination / Engine Programming / FMod Studio Design

Wayne Britcliffe
3D modelling & texture mapping / 2D graphics
Music and audio effects

Image gallery

Visit the image gallery to see some screenshots of the remake in action over the years that it has been in development…


…or go to the downloads page to grab the latest version to install


4 Responses to The War of the Solstice

  1. Jade says:

    I tried to run WotS on a Mac with Wine but unsuccessful. Are there any libraries required to run it? I already added wine tricks for directx9 (same ones I needed for Legend of Grimrock 2)

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