Official site for The Lords of Midnight and Doomdark’s Revenge – Chris Wild’s site for the new mobile versions of the game. Also contains electronic versions of the novella that sets the scene for the game – definitely worth a read before embarking on your 1st quest.





Midnight Forums

MidnightMUMidnight/MU – The main forum index for everything related to Midnight/MU and almost anything else Midnight related.





Midnight E-Group – The original discussion group for all topics related to The Lords of Midnight and Doomdark’s Revenge, this is where all the main players used to hang out before they moved to the Midnight/MU forums. Expect to find sporadic discussion on the games.

Midnight Inspired Development Sites

Icemark – Chris Wild’s site of the PC Conversions of The Lords of Midnight and Doomdark’s Revenge. Also home to The Midnight Engine. There’s loads of useful stuff here, from a detailed description of how the original landscaping routines worked, to lists of characters etc.

Midnight/MU – Jean-Yves’ home of the online gaming site for Multi-User Lords of Midnight, where you can pit your strategic skills against other players in the icy realm of Midnight.

Legends – Jon Alma’s site of Legends From the Lost Realms. A new engine in progress, based on the original game, but with more advanced AI and battle algorithms. This engine also features a tasty looking OpenGL frontend.!

Midnight Flyer – Imtiaz Dharssi’s site of the Midnight Flyer. Also a remake in progress, of the original game, but with updated graphics and user interface.

Pocket Fuel – A version in progress for the PalmOS, it uses the same graphics as the original, and slightly different user interface.

Broken Links

Marshall Lords – Ben Wright’s alternative scenario takes place in Midmark. It uses similar graphics to TME, but has new characters, a new map, and enhanced AI for you to battle with ! Written in Java.

GBA Midnight – Quirky’s remake used the same graphics as the original, and was for the GBA !

JLOM – Davor Cubranic’s remake written in Java for web browsers.

TMEditor – Robert Jalarvo’s site of the TMEditor. An editor in progress, for generating scenarios for use with The Midnight Engine

Linux Versions – Karl Mitchell’s site of the Linux Versions. This site will inform you how to get the DOS versions of the games up and running under Linux !

Gaz’s Gadgets – Prince Gaz’s site of the Psion 3A Version. You’ll find a Psion 3A Version of The Lords of Midnight , and an emulator if you don’t actually own a Psion 3A !

The Moon Palace – Jan Kapala’s site of DOS Utilities / Viewers. You’ll find a suite of utilities for the DOS versions of both games, and also a new scenario for testing !

Landlord – Richard Kettlewell’s site of Landlord. This guy started out on a clone for Unix, but development seems to have grinded to a halt !

Retro-Remakes 3D Wargame – Speculator’s 3D remake of Lords of Midnight. This is a new remake on the scene – coming along very nicely indeed ! Shares a few things in common with WOTS.

Tarandjo – Hafren Wolf’s land of Tarandjo, the land south of Midnight. This is another new remake on the scene – some nice ideas and a new land to explore !

The Lair of the Dragonlord – Igor Bijelic’s site of the LOM Explorer. A suite of well designed utilities to view/modify save game files from a number of the different development projects.

Wars of Midnight – A recently started project using the Unity engine. It’s not a straight port; the idea is to take aspects of the original and reinterpret them. So this game focuses on battle rather than the quest elements of the original.

Other Midnight Related Sites

The Tipshop – Gerard and Nick’s site of tips and POKE’s. This site provides hints from victors and also POKE’s for those still playing on the old rubber keyed beast.

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The Tower of Ashimar – Moonlord’s site of various information. The site had started to collect useful info on both the games.

Hawkmoon’s Nest – Peter Lomax’s site of The Icemark Chronicles. Here you can find the audio files for The Icemark Chronicles, and also some cassette inlay covers !

Midnight Reviews & Articles

Computer Magazine Archives – Online archive of hundreds of computer magazines from the 80’s and 90’s era

Lords of Midnight Review CRASH 7, Aug 1984 (CRASH Online)

Doomdark’s Revenge Review CRASH 13, Feb 1985 (CRASH Online)

Doomdark’s Revenge News Article C&VG 40, Feb 1985 (Internet Archives)

Midnight Fan Pages

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Fanpage – Michael’s German Fanpage of The Lords of Midnight. Here you can find some original box scans and screenshots from the originals.

Fanpage – Xajorkith’s German Fanpage of all the originals and remakes ! This site collects together all of the sites for the German fans out there !