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    More good feedback, many thanks!

    1. I recruited Shadows with Morkin (as I was sending him North), he had 1 hr of day remaining. When Shadows was recruited, he too only had 1 hr remaining.
    2. The above same happened when Luxor recruited Gard.
    3. Shadows became utterly tired after 2 days, and is predominantly so for as long as I continued to play.
    4. Luxor became utterly tired in 3 days.
    5. I sent Rorthron North to recruit the elusive Korinel the Fey, but he was utterly tired so often, that it was impossible to reach him before the doomguard got him. (I can normally get to him in 4 or 5 days)
    6. Rorath was utterly tired as soon as recruited.

    1&2: This was a scenario option which has now been turned off
    3,4&5: Bug has been fixed which was causing double energy drain for the character!!
    6: Tried to reproduce this but when Luxor recruited Rorath, he was utterly invigorated?

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    Thanks Kevin,
    Appreciate your time to report your findings and advice.
    To be honest I could have done with another few months to top and tail some of these points, however I felt very strongly that it needed to go live and after all what’s the point of having a version 1.x.x.x if you are not going to use the other sets of digits for bug fixing 🙂
    All the feedback that is coming through is valuable and will be addressed in some kind of orderly manner.

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    Hi Bill,

    The formatting is fine and the screenshot came out too ?

    Many thanks for taking the time to put together such a comprehensive first impression. I see that you have an eye for the details and that will be very helpful in enabling me to polish a few of the rough edges that do still exist on the release… You raise many fair points there.

    I’ll go through in more detail in due course…


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    Thanks Kevin!

    I’m only glad it works on something other than my own machines!

    There is a release notes text file in the root directory which gives a summary of the keys to use; exit is Ctrl+X

    And yes games are auto saved after each night processing… The only thing is that you currently have to start a new game and then load a previous game… The “Continue existing campaign” on the main menu is not yet functional – I ran out of time! I’ll try and get this working as a next step.

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    Given that Andrew has used tbe box art for the start screen with no problems, I assume all all checked and verified through Chris W

    Checked and verified might be stretching it a little, but I’ve had no feedback until now to suggest that it would be an issue.

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