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    First off, THANK-YOU! Things have certainly moved on a bot – Wow! It looks absolutely fantastic, and the music are sound is something beyond any expectations. It is spot on so far, I’ve only played a brief few moves just to check it out. The 3D effects are very good…. although those trees rather come at you a pace!!

    Now, this may be me being stupidly thick (often the case), but how does one exit the game?! I did it from the task bar but I’m assuming there is another way? I’m also guessing games are saved automatically?

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    Thanks Kevin!

    I’m only glad it works on something other than my own machines!

    There is a release notes text file in the root directory which gives a summary of the keys to use; exit is Ctrl+X

    And yes games are auto saved after each night processing… The only thing is that you currently have to start a new game and then load a previous game… The “Continue existing campaign” on the main menu is not yet functional – I ran out of time! I’ll try and get this working as a next step.

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    have enjoyed the previous version of this game and look forward to playing this version. thanks

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      Thanks… hopefully you will enjoy the latest additions particularly the musical aspects…

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