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    Hi there,
    Just thought I’d put something here as been a little quiet of late. How is the Unity conversion going? Indeed, is it still going??
    Anywhere near a new release, etc etc….

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    Hi Kevin, thanks for following up…

    It’s still going… and slowly each piece gets added towards a build that would be ready for sharing, in some way, in some format… I inherited a MacBook Pro just before Christmas, so at some point will see how it cross compiles for Mac as well as the current Windows Build 🙂

    The core game is in a playable state as it is now, but still quite a few rough edges and needing a menu system, help system etc.

    As for how long it will take, I hope you will forgive me for not wanting to mention a date, since this just creates expectations that need to be looked after. It remains as a hobby that fits into the idle hours of life, and how many of those come along in any given week or month can be unpredictable 🙂 I had thought it would be done in 2018, but here we are still…

    I’ll come with more concrete details when I get that confident feeling that completion is a few weeks ahead.

    All the best

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