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    I’ve always felt that the end of LOM is the only grumble I have with the game.

    After the endless days/weeks of in game time that the Lords and their companions endure along with the fighting, terrain, beasties etc around every mountain, you would think that after taking Ushgarak they might have some kind of end of war party!

    Maybe a BBQ, some fireworks, raid Ushgaraks kitchens and have a blow out.

    Just my thoughts!!

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    Interesting thoughts…

    Wayne and I actually had plans for a better endgame experience, however time ran out to do what we wanted prior to this release.

    But the ideas are still there for a future update 😉

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    I’m going to sound extremely selfish here…. and also quite pathetic. Not at all bothered about any changes to the end of the game… mainly because after all these years, ahem… er…. well…. I’ve still never actually managed to win! (goes off to find very red faced emoticon)

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      I’ve still never actually managed to win! (goes off to find very red faced emoticon)

      Hi Kevin, not to worry! I’ve also not completed the game for a very long time…

      You could do much worse than take some tips off Draygor below, who seems well skilled in the art of taking Ushgarak.. I’ve seen the evidence with the multi coloured carpet of armies surrounding the Citadel on the eve of it’s downfall…. quite a good view!

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    I play the long game Wishmaster!

    I recruit all the Lords and the other characters, move everyone to Xajorkith. Wait out all of the Doomyguards onslaughts, (watching and knowing that all the keeps etc are falling). Then when no more attacks happen, I slowly take back every single keep and citadel (recruiting as I go along) and move all armies North.

    I surround Ushgarak’s keep with every one still alive and all their armies and then attack. By this time, there is only 1 army left (I check to ensure I have slaughtered them all).

    It’s a bitter sweet moment for me each time, due to the ending.

    But the game has gripped me since it’s very first release, so it’s only a little grumble.

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