New loading screen artwork

I put together a new loading screen centred around an aerial view over the map of midnight… you can see Xajorkith in the bottom right corner, and Ushgarak rising in the far distance at the top.

I was keen to keep the orange/yellow colouring of the box front and also incorporate the main figureheads in some way as well.

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3 Responses to New loading screen artwork

  1. Kevin Staden says:

    Fantastic! When are we likely to get an updated release?

    • Luxor says:

      Thanks Kevin, now there’s a question! My intention is to get an updated version out this year, after I’ve tackled a few further improvements to things. I’m aware it’s been a while since the last update and aim to rectify that this year.

      • Kevin Staden says:

        Well that new load screen does say V1.0 which is good news, and I’ve also spotted the ‘under licence’ bit… ?
        I’ve been playing V0.9 a bit again recently and it’s by far the most atmospheric version of the different ones out there, so I’d certainly like to see it progress a bit further!

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