Latest version demo (includes audio) – Dec 2012

The demo from the latest version currently still under development

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4 Responses to Latest version demo (includes audio) – Dec 2012

  1. Calvin says:

    This update looks great! Will the appearance of the armies and other characters etc. be updated also?

  2. Luxor says:

    Thanks. The armies have not changed since the last version and I don’t currently plan that they will. The armies are the only main billboard (2D) items left in the game, and to move to 3D armies would require a lot of additional work, especially when animation might come into it. At the moment that’s beyond my current skillset!!

  3. Alex von Melti says:


    that looks absolutely beautiful! I tried the older demo of your remake and it’s just fabulous (is it possible to beat the game in the current state?). You are a true artist, good Sir, and I’m looking forward to the next version.

    Thank you very much for your wonderful work!
    Best wishes


    • Luxor says:

      Thanks Alex,

      The V009 download is fully playable to completion. The new version isn’t quite there yet though…

      It’s only fair to say that I had a lot of help from Wayne Britcliffe with the 3d modelling and texturing that all goes towards creating the look and feel of the engine. He is the true artist here!

      Appreciate the interest.

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