Introduction of Armies

Well I didn’t quite make my promise of updating the site once a week, but hopefully it hasn’t been too much of a wait since the last update… The free army billboards have now been added to the engine. Have a look at the latest screenshots in the gallery. The engine itself has had some optimisation done on it in the past couple of weeks, to remove some nasty routines which are not good practice in a 3D application !!! The ability to configure models requiring an orthographic projection to screen space has also been added, in addition to the normal perspective projection for the majority of models. This will be useful for the icon handling which will have to be done in the near future, in order to make the game playable.

Well progress continues on the Fey Lords and some smaller details which have been bugging us…

BTW: The shockwave demos appear to have been broken during my web-site revamp. I’m on the case, and will get them running again as soon as I can…

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