Catching up on the progress …

It’s been quite a while since the last update to the site… I’ve been concentrating on the coding itself, rather than the website !
Since the last update, there have been considerable advances in development:
– Completion of all main terrain models !!
– The start of the integration of the characters and regiments
– Integration with The Midnight Engine (TME), and transfer of data sourcing to TME (many thanks to Chris Wild for his help in achieving this)  
Wayne came up with a great idea to use the real faces of the midnight boarders as the faces for the Lords in the game. The idea was met with some scepticism initially, but after completion of Lord Brith recently (aka Simon Goodwin), photos have been coming in thick and thin. The remaining Lords for whom we don’t have any volunteers will be painted by Wayne. See what you think to Lord Brith…

I couldn’t have hoped for a better result, as I placed some tight constraints on Wayne’s 3D character models. First class job once again Wayne !

The engine has some further features to cope with the character/regiment side of things:
– Ability to define multiple objects to represent each character/regiment
– Predefined object positions for each terrain cell, where character/regiment objects will stand
– The objects belonging to a character are dynamically placed around the current terrain cell
– Dynamic texture transformations per mesh
– More mesh flags added e.g. ZWrite ON/OFF, ZTest ON/OFF etc
– The map is now read in from TME, and not from a .html file
– The Free characters and Doomdark’s regiments are now read in from TME  

There are some new screenshots in the gallery, to bring the site up to date with all recently completed terrain models, and also new shots of Lord Brith in the game. If you’re a midnight boarder, then you’ll have seen these already…

Work is currently focusing on completing all of the Free Lords, together with their shields. We will then be focusing on the army unit representation within the game.

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