Snowhall model completed / Some internal engine advancements / New links

The snowhall has been integrated into the engine. This puts the current completed feature list as:
– Mountain, Forest, Tower, Village, Downs, Keep, Snowhall, Lake, Lith, Plains (tough one that !!)

The engine has some new features:
– High/Medium/Low Polygon model selection based on distance from the camera (to help keep the scene poly count down !!)
– Detail maps for terrain locations (allows detail to be superimposed on the basic terrain texture)
– All object referencing is now by name, rather than by index (makes object definition easier to restructure later on)

Other additions:
– New tree type added to forest
– Stars re-instated (but still need to be turned off in the daytime !!)

Additional links added to the LINKS page:
– The Moonring
– The Mailing List

New page added to show comparisons between old and new game imagery
– Village comparison added, together with Shockwave interactive demo of the model !!! Thanks to Wayne/David for the content.

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